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Dr. Sherry L. Stemper, N.D.

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What We Do

Individualized Natural Care specializing in Holistic support for allergies, pediatrics, gastrointestinal disorders women’s and men’s health issues and lifestyle support.

What is a Naturopathic Physician?

Naturopathic Physicians are physicians who have completed a four-year medical program. Naturopathic education and training include the study of standard medical science that is similar to “traditional medicine” with an emphasis in natural therapeutics. Naturopathic training specializes in the application of vitamin and mineral therapies, botanical medicines, homeopathy, physical medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling and stress management. Health care is offered for both acute and chronic conditions.

What is the philosophy practices by Naturopathic Physicians?

Naturopathic physicians seek to restore and maintain optimal health. Naturopathic philosophy promotes wellness. Its goal is to find and support the optimum balance between nutrition, lifestyle and use of therapies that best promote good health. The guiding principles of Naturopathy include: FIRST DO NO HARM, Naturopathic medicine uses therapies that are safe and effective. FIND THE CAUSE, Physicians seek and treat the underlying cause of a disease, not just the effect. Symptoms are viewed as expressions of the body’s natural attempt to heal. The origin of disease is removed or treated so the patient can recover. TREAT THE WHOLE PERSON, no part of any biological system exists in isolation or is completely separable from the rest. All parts of any whole are interconnected. A change in one part produces various types of changes in all the other parts. PHYSICIANS AS TEACHER, The physician’s major role is to educate, empower and motivate patients to take responsibility for their own health, Creating a healthy cooperative relationship with the patient has strong therapeutic value. PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE, Naturopathic physicians are preventative medicine specialists. Physicians assess patient risk factors, heredity and susceptibility and intervene appropriately to reduce risk and prevent illness. Prevention of disease is best accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports health.

In-Home appointments are available for the Elderly or home bound. Call for more information

Insurance Providers Accepted

Anthem Blue Cross, ConnectiCare, Oxford, Aetna, and Cigna

* Not all types of Naturopathic Services are covered by insurance. You should consult with your health insurance provider about Naturopathic treatments and what options are available to you.

Current Memberships

Member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians AANP and the Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association CNPA


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