Sherry Stemper ND

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2270 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
(203) 579-4261
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Office Hours

Office hours vary. Call for an appointment today.

Driving Directions


Get off exit 27A(routes 25 & 8 Expressway) move to the right lane and take the first exit off the Expressway Exit 2 Golden Hill Street. Stay in the middle lane and take a left at the end of the exit ramp. At the next light go straight across onto Pequonnock Street. Continue straight through one light and one stop sign. At your next light you will be at the intersection of Park and Pequonnock Streets, take a right onto Park Avenue. Continue straight at the next intersection (Park and North) Take your 9th right onto Jackson Avenue. The office is located at this intersection. Please park in the back of the building.(approximate travel time after exiting 95- 5 minutes).


Get off exit 47(Park Avenue & Sacred Heart University) take a left at the end of the ramp onto Park Avenue. Continue straight for 12 lights to the intersection of Capital and Park. Go straight through this intersection taking your second left onto Jackson Avenue. Pull into the parking lot at the back of the office. (approximate travel time after exiting route 15- 5 minutes).


Continue on route 25 south into Monroe and follow until road turns into an expressway. Once on the route 25 Expressway take exit 8 onto the Merritt Parkway route 15 heading south toward Norwalk and New York. Follow Merritt Parkway directions listed above. (approximate time from Newtown route 25 flagpole to the Merritt Parkway exit-25 minutes).


Follow route 8 South until it merges with route 25. Move into the right lane and take exit 5 (Boston Avenue). Get into the right hand lane and then take your first right onto Island Brook Avenue ( you will be traveling along side of the highway). Take a right at the stop sign onto Capital Avenue. Continue straight for 4 lights at the 5th light you will be at the intersection of Park and Capital. Take a left onto Park Avenue and then take your second left onto Jackson avenue and park in the lot behind the office. Approximate travel time after merge of routes 8 and 25-5 minutes.


Follow route 58 south from Bethel to Redding, Easton and Fairfield. Once in Fairfield follow signs to the Merritt Parkway route 15 North towards New Haven. Then follow directions above for Merritt Parkway. (approximate travel time from Bethel intersection of routes 302 and 58 to the Merritt Parkway-25 minutes. Travel time from entering Merritt Parkway to exit 47 is 3 minutes.

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